Davichi Signs With…

Today news broke out Davichi signs with new label company! It’s official Davichi is now under CJ E&M Management!

Source: Nate (http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&sid1=106&oid=311&aid=0000360956)

Davichi release the last song! ‘Don’t Move / Stay’ sounds AMAZING! :D

Davichi’s Last Song ‘Don’t Move’ Release Date!

"Davichi will return with their track ‘Don’t Move’ which they’ve been waiting to release for over a year. The main title track will be released on the 4th."

"Don’t Move" is a sorrowful ballad which expresses the inability to forget a love that is now gone. The two have said that they have made music with the intention of it to be heard without the accompaniment of promotions on music shows, so it seems we may not be seeing much of their performances this time around.

Let’s see what Brave Brothers has up his sleeve next for Davichi when the song drops on the 4th

Credits Translation: ALLKPOP

Just a few updates yesterday as we know Davichi release a new song for there upcoming mini album called ‘6,7’ the song titled that was release was “Arm Pillow” hopefully you and everyone is enjoying it just like me heh, there is going to be one more song that has yet to be release to officially say Davichi finally drop this mini to the public.

The last song is called ‘움직이지마’ or say ‘Don’t Move / Stay’ stay tune for more updates! But for now I leave you with this lovely pics so far we have collected for this new releases heh

Side Note: Davichi is doing really well on real time charts :)

Davichi just release full length music video for ‘Arm Pillow’!

Album jacket for Davichi Mini Album ‘6,7’ heh behind the scene!

Davichi Release New Single ‘Arm Pillow’ For Up Coming Mini Album ‘6,7’!

Davichi recent small interview! Both girls look gorgeous! 

New picture of Kang Min Kyung! So Gorgeous! Heh :)

New picture of Kang Min Kyung! So Gorgeous! Heh :)

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